Other Niche Crop Protection Research Services

Other Niche Crop Protection Research Services

Environmental Safety and Ecotoxicology

Since 2009, Symbiotic Research is setup and has conducted the following eco-toxicological studies. However, starting 2015, all eco-toxicological research is being outsourced to our partnering lab.

* Soil Nitrification Test(OPPTS 850.5100 , OECD 216)

* Acute Fish Toxicity with Conventional and Microencapsulation Formulations; Flow-Through, Semi-Static and Static conditions(OPPTS 850.1075, OECD 203)

* Non-Target Plant Toxicity(OCSPP 850.4000)

* Terrestrial Plant Test: Vegetative Vigor Test(OCSPP 850.4150 , OECD 227 )

* Daphnia Test with Semi-Static and Static conditions(OPPT 850.1010 , OECD 202)

Residue Studies

Symbiotic Research has been actively conducting residue method development, validation and sample analysis since 2009. Currently, Symbiotic Research is looking to expand its residue operations out of Delaware where our team of registration managers will be located. The new facility will be open for business sometime in mid 2016. The current residue capabilities are as follows:

1. Study Directorship

2. Method Development

3. Method Validation/ILV

4. Sample Analysis

5. Residue Field Trials

Regulatory Support - Human Risk Assesment:

* Preparation of occupational and residential risk assessments and reports for new product registrations or for product label expansion for submission to U.S. EPA, Health Canada PMRA, and to Asia-Pacific and Latin American countries

* Use of U.S. EPA Pesticide Handler Exposure Data (PHED), Agricultural Hander Exposure Data (AHED), or proprietary data for occupational handler assessments

* Use of Agricultural Reentry Task Force or proprietary data for occupational reentry worker risk assessments

* Assistance in design, review, and conduct of human exposure studies requiring review by the EPA Human Studies Review Board

Regulatory Support - Ecotoxicology Environmental Risk Assessment and Modeling:

* Ecotoxicology study management

* Environmental fate study data interpretation

* Chemical fate and transport modeling

* Degradation kinetics analysis

* Quantitative structure activity relationship modeling

* Regulatory testing program development

* Agricultural chemicals, biocides, polymers, industrial and performance chemicals

* Worldwide regulatory paradigms (USEPA, FIFRA and TSCA, PMRA)

* European Union Biocidal Product (Directive [ECHA])

* EU Plant Protection Products Risk Assessment Paradigms[EC No.:1107/2009] [EFSA]

* Risk assessment report writing and review

* Endocrine disruption issues

* Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic Chemicals management

Dietary Risk Assessment:



US-EPA Registration and Regulatory Support

We have two exclusive regulatory consultants with over 55 years of experiences from a top-5 Ag business in Federal and State Registration arena.