Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Mission:

As a life sciences company, OUR MISSION is to help our partners in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Crop Protection and Animal Health industries utilize our resources as an extension of their business in order to fulfill their product development and registration needs including all early R&D objectives and regulatory submission requirements in a timely and economical manner.

Our Vision

OUR VISION is to be a global leader in the Contract Research Organization business based on quality, timely execution of our work and continuous innovation.

Our Creed

We are committed to the highest ethical and legal standards, and to the welfare of all. This translates into a commitment to:

  • CUSTOMERS: To provide high quality, cost effective, R&D package while maintaining consistency in superior services.
  • COMMUNITIES: To protect the environment, provide job opportunities, support community activities and participate as a good corporate citizen.
  • EMPLOYEES: To provide a working environment that encourages safety, productivity, creativity, personal and professional satisfaction, pride, loyalty, teamwork and a pursuit of common goals.
  • MEMBERS: To achieve long-term profitable growth that will provide return on investment.