Plant Metabolism with C-14 Labeled Test Substances (C-14 LTS) (OPPTS 860.1300, OECD 501)

Confined Accumulation Studies on Rotational Crops with C-14 LTS (OPPTS 860.1650, OECD 502)

Animal Metabolism with C-14 LTS (i.e. rat, lactating goat, laying hens, cows and pigs)) (OPPTS 860.1300, OECD 503)

Fish Bioaccumulation/Metabolism Studies with C-14 LTS (in-life and analytical) (OPPTS 850.1730, OECD 305)

Livestock Feeding Studies (i.e. cattle, pigs and poultry) (OPPTS 860.1300, OPPTS 860.1480, OECD 505)