Our labs are operated with highly seasoned scientists from variety of disciplines such Agrichemicals, Animal Health, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries. We have a unique hiring strategy for recruiting newly graduated best and the brightest talents from Colleges and Universities throughout the country.

Our chromatographic instruments are primarily Agilent (i.e. Agilent HPLCs, Agilent Capillary Electrophoresis and Agilent/Varian GC). This is to streamline and simplify annual validation processes while keeping cost in check. At Symbiotic Research, all of our chromatographic instruments are subject for IQ/OQ/PQ performance tests at the installation and annually thereafter Agilent-based OQ/PV protocols are written and executed by a qualified third party technician or by a trained technician in-house. The comprehensive annual OQ/PV tests conducted to demonstrate that our equipment operate as when they were installed and must pass its manufacturers rigorous OQ/PV tests before it is utilized on a GLP study.

Symbiotic Research uses high resolution time of flight mass spectrometry (Q-TOF) by WATERS (5 ppm accuracy) interfaced to Agilent HPLC for its structure elucidation activities. To the best of our knowledge, Symbiotic Research is one of the only Contract Research Organization globally to offer CE-MS services which utilizes Agilent HPCE-MSD.

Symbiotic Research utilizes the latest in radio detectors from Lab Logic (Model 5C) equipped with Laura Software, Active Counting Mode, etc. as interface to its HPLCs and mass spectrometers.

For Liquid Scintillation Counters (LSC) the latest from Beckman (the LS6500 Series) and Packard are employed.

In Oxidizers, the newest and the most popular in agrichemical and environmental research from Harvey Instruments (OX-501 Series) as well as Packard 300 Series are utilized.

Majority of the balances, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Titrators, Coulometric Karl Fischer, pH Meters are by Mettler Toledo. Majority of the electronic or manual pipettes used for GLP studies are from Rainin and are send out for calibration by a third party.