Agrochemical&D Capabilities

Agrochemical R&D Capabilities

Agrochemical R&D Capabilities

We are a One-Stop Shop CRO for your crop protection research needs.  We are a full GLP facility, inspected by US-EPA and NRC-NJDEP.

Consumer Safety:

  • Plant Metabolism with C-14 Labeled Test Substances (C-14 LTS)
  • Confined Accumulation Studies on Rotational Crops with C-14 LTS
  • Animal Metabolism with C-14 LTS (i.e. rat, lactating goat, laying hens, cows and pigs)
  • Fish Bioaccumulation/Metabolism Studies with C-14 LTS (in-life and analytical)
  • Livestock Feeding Studies (i.e. cattle, pigs and poultry)
  • Radio Validation

Environmental Safety and Ecotoxicology:

  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Soil Metabolism
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Aquatic Metabolism
  • Photodegradation in Water and Soil
  • Aqueous Hydrolysis
  • High Temp Hydrolysis
  • Adsorption/Desorption
  • Column Leaching and Aged Column Leaching
  • Field Dissipation
  • Soil Nitrification Test
  • Acute Fish Toxicity with Conventional and Microencapsulation Formulations; Flow-Through, Semi-Static and Static conditions
  • Non-Target Plant Toxicity
  • Terrestrial Plant Test: Vegetative Vigor Test
  • Daphnia Test with Semi-Static and Static conditions

Risk Assesment:

  • Preparation of occupational and residential risk assessments and reports for new product registrations or for product label expansion for submission to U.S. EPA, Health Canada PMRA, and to Asia-Pacific and Latin American countries
  • Use of U.S. EPA Pesticide Handler Exposure Data (PHED), Agricultural Hander Exposure Data (AHED®), or proprietary data for occupational handler assessments
  • Use of Agricultural Reentry Task Force or proprietary data for occupational reentry worker risk assessments
  • Assistance in design, review, and conduct of human exposure studies requiring review by the EPA Human Studies Review Board


  • HPLC, GC, CE Method Development and Validation
  • Formulation Analysis
  • Product Chemistry (i.e., Physical/Chemical Characterization, Storage Stability Analysis, etc.)
  • Particle Size & Surface Characterization: Particle surface, shape and area calculations by Light Microscopy Technique utilizing powerful computer software, digital camera and video
  • Cross Contamination Determination